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  • What's the objective of this game ?

    # Bomb Survivor is a casual game for iPhone and iPad. It also works on iPod Touch 4th generation and above. We developed Bomb Survivor trying to make a simple, yet enjoyable game for the casual gamer. We tried to create a comfortable atmosphere for a player who wants to entertain himself for a little while. The thing is, we got what we think is a casual game, simple, but really addictive. You will find yourself striving to get the levels completed, and that's the main objective we pursue when developing Bomb Survivor.

    The main idea is to run for your life, avoiding the bombs that planes throw to you, and get to end of each level alive.

    There are also mines that hit you, and take health from you. If you run out of health, you lose. To dribble the mines you can jump.
  • What are the requirements to play this game ?

    # Bomb Survivor was designed and built to run in iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPhone5; we also included support for all models of iPad, and iPod Touch 4th generation and above.

    Bomb Survivor requires iOS 6 or later, and you can get it exclusively on the AppStore.
  • How do I make the soldier run or jump ?

    To make the soldier run you should touch and hold the screen. If you touch on the left half of the screen, the soldier will run left; if you touch the right half of the screen, the soldier will run to the right.

    For jumping you just need to tap once; if you tap on the left half of the screen the jump will be to the left, and if you tap on the right half, the jump will be to right.

    Below there are two images that show you where to touch or tap if you want to run or jump.

    Touch in the highlighted area to run

    Tap in the highlighted area to jump

  • How do I score more points ?

    The game gives you points each time you avoid a bomb or a mine.

    Also, the further you are from a bomb explosion, the more points you get.
  • How do I know how much health does my soldier have ?

    # You can see some helmets in the upper left corner of the screen.

    Each helmet represents a fraction of the total health of your soldier. You lose health every time a bomb or mine hits you, but you can recover some when catching those cute apples falling with a parachute.
  • Game Center

    # Bomb Survivor posts your scores and achievements to Game Center. So it's best for you to have this feature enabled.
    This way you will also get the achievements and leaderboards.

  • What are the differents colors of uniforms for ?

    # There are six possible uniforms for you to buy in the game, plus the default green uniform. Each color indicates a different uniform, and gives your soldier more strength, or you can see it as more resistance to bombs and mines. This way you have more chances of completing a level alive.

    To get to buy a uniform you should go to the STORE in the game, and if you've earned enough coins, you can buy the uniform you want. If you don't have enough coins, you can get a "coins pack" easily.
  • Why does the game ask me to post to Twitter or Facebook ?

    # # In order to share your achievements with your friends, from time to time the game offers you the possibility to post your results to Twitter or Facebook.

    This also helps us as a support for us and for the game, so we really appreciate if you take one second to post this results. We even provide a sample text, so you have to tap the button "Send" and it's done.

    It is worth mentioning that each time you post your results to Twitter or Facebook the game will award you extra coins.

    Of course, if you don't want to post your results, you can tap "Cancel", or even disable this feature in the games options screen.
  • I love your game, so I want to rate it! How CAN I do IT?

    # Well, if you like our game, we would be very glad if you spend a minute rating it.

    To do that we've included an icon in form of star in the options screen of the game that will help you get to the rating screen of the AppStore.

    We have also included a mechanism that will pop up every once in a while to remind you.

    In any case, we will appreciate very much your reviews.
  • How do I earn more coins

    # In every level, the game will award you with coins. The amount of coins depends directly on whether you completed the level or not, and how many points did you score.

    You can also buy coins packs within the in-game store, or get them in the bonus levels.
  • What about unlocking the bonus levels ?

    # The game is divided into missions, and each mission has three levels. Once you've completed each third level of a mission, you'll have the opportunity to play in a bonus level.

    You will have a few seconds to catch all the coins you can. Hurry up!!
  • Is there a FREE version of the game ?

    # Yes you can download a free to play version here!.

    You will be able to play and enjoy this great game for free.


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